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Jennifer Lawrence in ”Serena”

Jennifer Lawrence in ”Serena”

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I’m so glad I’m a Brit

October 24th release date for Serena in the UK, yayyyy

yeah i think a second one for that would be amazing!!!

I might just do that then ;)

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you're not gonna do a second one for this? cause i think that would be amazing!! I love your writing!!!

Second one for the “never wanted this to happen” oneshot?

I thought you were gonna upload on Friday, was a nice surprise to see two oneshot. Thanks for still writing bradlifer x

Yeah I managed to find a safe wifi spot on this mountain so I brought my laptop with me xD And you’re welcome x

Separation - a bradlifer oneshot

In this one Jennifer and Bradley have been together for 10 years, married for 7 and have a son. And also The Oprah Winfrey Show still runs xD


Bradley finds himself seated across from Oprah in front of a dominantly female audience. The make-up artist did a fabulous job in covering up his dishevelled state. He didn’t look his best, for the past half year Bradley had slightly neglected his appearance. His hair was longer similar to his Hangover days, he had scruffy facial hair which luckily for him, passed off for that rugged look. And his weight had dropped down until he was incredibly lean. Much different to his normal healthy looking stature. He was slightly depressed and reluctantly relented to the recent major changes in his life.

But he had to show face. He had a job and a career to do and a critical part of that was promotion. So he did what he was told to do. Wore what was given to him. And said what he was told to say. But thankfully with Oprah, it was different. It was relaxed and comfortable. Almost as if it was just two friends catching up with each other, except this time in front of a whole audience.

The two of them converse about anything. What he was doing now. What was new with him. He even made light humour of his very different appearance. They talked on and on and on, finally reaching a subject that he could spend hours talking about.

“And how old is your gorgeous little boy now?”

“Jamie turns 4 next month,” he shamefully struggles to remember.

“Wow time flies doesn’t it, it feels like just yesterday when you had that huge extravagant party for his Christening,” Oprah remembers.

“Yeah well, his mum wanted to welcome him into the Christian world with style.”

“It’s a shame he won’t remember most of it,” she tells him.

“That’s exactly what I told Jen, but she insisted and said that we’ll record as much of that day as possible and then let him watch it when he’s older,” he recollects, already feeling uncomfortable that he somehow stirred the conversation to Jennifer.

“Ahh yeah that’s right! I remember all those camera men, at each corner of your back yard,” they both zone out into their private conversation, almost forgetting that there was an entire audience before them. So Oprah tries to shift the conversation to something much more intriguing.

“Speaking of Jennifer is the word true? Is it true what the papers and all the people have been saying out there? That the two of you are heading for divorce,” Oprah dramatically says.

Bradley instantly feels his insides drop and his eyes dart toward his publicist who helplessly shakes her head at him in defeat. Bradley lets his eyes wander to his lap before looking back up at Oprah, “You always go for the heavy hard-hitting questions, don’t you?” he laughs uncomfortably and Oprah purses her lips in approval.

“Well I’m not going to dwell on it or go through details or anything…but Jen and I are separated at the moment,” the audience voice their upset and disapproval, from the moment Jennifer and Bradley got together, they truly were America’s Sweethearts and everyone simply adored them, ”Nothing has been filed or signed…” Bradley reassures the audience and himself, “…our main priority and focus in this time is our son Jamie…so please, respect our privacy. It’s not the easiest of times.”

Bradley’s eyes seek his publicist once again and she nods, reassuring him that he handled it well. Even if he was told not to mention anything personal, especially with regards to his broken marriage. It could’ve been worse. Oprah who finally registers the private territory in the subject then goes on to ask him about his upcoming film and his next projects. Bradley was truly grateful that Oprah didn’t push the subject, because honestly, he didn’t even know the status of his own marriage himself.


It was around 4pm and Bradley was pulling into the driveway of their home. Well technically it was still their home. Since their separation, Bradley had moved back into his old house with his mum. It was definitely nice to be back in a familiar environment, especially with his mum’s delicious Italian cooking but it just wasn’t the same without his Jennifer and Jamie.

“Hey,” Bradley lightly greets Jennifer at the door.

“Hey, you’re uh-you’re early. Jamie won’t be ready for another hour,” she assures him, accepting his friendly chaste peck on the cheek as he steps into the large house.

“Oh no I know, I-uh, was hoping that I could talk to you actually,” he follows her into the kitchen.

“Oh…” she turns back to him in intrigue, “…about what?”

He heads to the fridge and grabs two bottles of water for the both of them, “Well I was at Oprah today and you know her, she likes to get personal and everythin-”

“What did you say?! What did you tell her?!” she frowns, slight panic rising in her voice.

“Now calm down I didn’t say anything bad, I just…well I basically confirmed that we were in fact separated and that our main importance was Jamie, that’s all,” he takes a gulp of water and his eyes study her, waiting for an answer.

“Oh okay, I guess that’s alrigh-“

“Jen?” he cuts her off, hastily screwing the cap on the bottle and grabbing the bar stool next to her, “How long are we gonna keep doing this? Hmm?”


“It’s been 7 months now and nothing has happened. We haven’t gotten back together, we haven’t filed for divorc-“

“Oh so that’s what you want? A divorce?!”

“No! What I’m saying is that there hasn’t been a resolution for this problem we’re having. Not a positive one or a negative one. We can’t keep doing this; it’s not fair on us. It’s not fair on Jamie!”

She was silent. She had no idea what to say to him in that instance.

“Jen I made a mistake. And it was a long time ago.”

“Hyeah,” she huffs.

“But nothing physical came out of it, it was just texting and calls that’s how far it went-“

“Yeah but Bradley how do you think that makes me feel?! Don’t you see how wrong that is though?! Just before we got married, you told me you had stopped talking to her. And then I find a call from the same woman! So what, you kept contact with her throughout our entire marriage?! Do you see how sick that is?!”

“Jen that time you found that call was the first call I had from her since the last time I called her.”

“And when was that? The day before?!”

“NO! It was before that time I promised you that I would stop talking to her,” he shouts at her, “And if you gave me chance to explain, she called me and the first and only words I said to her before I ended that call was don’t ever call me again.”

Jennifer stands still, she had never heard this. Well to be honest, it was true that she never did give him a chance to explain himself. She pondered what she would say to him next but it’s just the fact that it was the same woman. It was that, that really messed up her mind and made her imagine countless possibilities.

“Bradley it’s just…it’s the fact that it’s the same woman. I mean imagine if you were in my shoes and you found out that it was the same gu-“

“I would be upset. Angry. Sad. Everything that you feel now for sure…Jennifer I love you. I love you so much. I’m telling you the truth when I say, I kept my word and I never contacted her again. Why would I, when I was married to you?”

There was a moment of silence between them. A prolonged one. And in that moment, Jennifer realised that it was just silly what they were doing. She loved Bradley. No she loves him and she mentally slapped herself for letting this separation get this far. Why would she let a simple phone call and her messed up imagination ruin her perfect marriage and ruin their perfect family.

“When I am married to you,” she corrects his words.

“What?” a glimmer catches his eye; he wanted to hear those words again, “What did you say?”

“You said when I was married to you. We’re still married Bradley,” she smiles, “Nothing was filed or signed…” he slides his palms over her thighs, as he registers her words and then he grabs the sides of the stool pulling her closer into his open outstretched legs and she reassures him “…we’re not separated either.”

“Oh we’re not?” he teases, leaning forward so that his nose tentatively touches hers.

“Not anymore,” she takes his cheek in her hand and caresses the crease in his brow,”…I’m sorry, sweeti-”

His kiss catches her words and their lips move harmoniously together. The absence of each other’s’ lips for seven months was beyond deprivation, so it doesn’t take them that much time for it to turn passionate.


The sweet sound of their son’s voice urges Bradley to tear his lips away from hers and the two of them glance over at Jamie, with his jacket on and backpack settled on his back.

“I’m ready to go, daddy.”

Jennifer looks over to Bradley and they both giggle. Bradley hoists his son in the air, kisses his cheek and says, “Say uh…how about we stay here with mummy for the weekend, buddy?”

“Really!” the excitement in his voice warms Bradley and Jennifer’s hearts.

“Yeah buddy.”


Hey! Here’s the second of the two oneshots that I wrote. Tata for now! x

Never Wanted This To Happen - a bradlifer oneshot

He didn’t seem to stop. In fact, the intervals between each call started to decrease to the point where he would call every 2 minutes. It had been a while since their last phone conversation: he wanted to check up on her but hearing his voice alone killed her. Jennifer tried to ignore the phone, stuffing it under the cushion, jamming it in between the sides of the couch but it was as if the ringing just intensified. Louder and louder until it just became a constant ringing within her head.

“What?!” she barks into the phone, finally relenting.


“Who the fuck else would it be?!”

“You had me worried; I thought something happened to you.”

“What do you want?” her tone blunt and menacing.

“I just wanted to know how you were,” at his words, Jennifer bit her lip, trying her utmost hardest not to snap at him but after it being 7 months and 3 weeks of trying to pretend to be fine, enough was enough.

“What are y-what are you doing? Are you trying to torture me?! Don’t you have any consideration for me at all?!”

“No I’m not. Of course I do, Jen,” Bradley’s voice was tainted with pain, hurting Jennifer was the last thing he wanted to do.

“Then what the hell are you doing calling me?!” the other end was silent, he couldn’t seem to manifest any word that would make the situation any better, “Bradley, you’re the one who broke up with me. You’re the one who wanted to end things. I didn’t. You’re the one who had the fucking problems. And you’re the one who broke my heart.”

“I-I, uh, Je…I-I don’t know what to say,” he stuttered.

“Don’t say anything!” she hissed, “Don’t call me, don’t ask me how I am, don’t try and check in with me. If you have any regard for me and if you care about me at all, just leave me the fuck alone, just…please just…leave me alone.”

“Jen I don’t want things to be like thi-“

She ended the call hastily; hearing his voice for a second longer would honestly crumble her. She was already weak as it is, ever since Bradley ended things between them Jennifer had fallen into deep despair. His reason being that she deserved someone better and that he was much older than her, which ironically enough was Bradley’s exact reasons when persuading Jennifer to be with him in the first place.

For the first couple of months following the break-up she wouldn’t talk to anyone, wouldn’t set a foot outside the door, she would simply enclose herself in her apartment, away from everyone. It wasn’t until a few months ago when Jennifer eventually started opening up and allowing time for everyone else. But even that was limited. She just wanted to be alone, without having to explain anything to anybody.

Before her brain could even connect, she sent the phone hurtling against the wall. She stomped down the stairs and into her kitchen, looking for something that would cheer her up or soothe her current state, instead she grabbed the set of books piled up on the kitchen counter and swiped them across the room, the hardback covers bashing against the window. She sunk heavily to the floor and buried her face into her hands. Evident tears rushing from her eyes.

Unbeknownst to her, was a distraught Bradley watching the entire scene unfold before him. There he was outside in his tinted black car, his face craned over the steering wheel to catch a glimpse of Jennifer breaking down right through the same window. A pang of guilt struck him within, his chest tightened in pain and finally, he too broke down in tears. Knowing that he was the sole reason for Jennifer’s pain was probably the worst feeling he had ever endured.

But it wasn’t his fault. Well it was. But he didn’t want it either. He loved Jennifer; with all his heart he loved her and he still did. He wanted to stay in the relationship as much as she did, more than her actually. But he honoured her father’s word.

“I don’t want you seeing her anymore.”

“Wha-excuse me?” Bradley was taken aback, for about a year and a half he and Jennifer had been together and her father had shown no signs of opposition against their being together.

“I want you to tell her that you no longer want to be with her and-“

“Gary, where is this coming fro-“

“That’s Sir or Mr. Lawrence to you.”

“Mr. Lawrence,” it felt strange leaving his mouth, Jennifer’s father insisted that Bradley call him Gary since their first meeting, “I don’t know where this is coming from, but I-I love your daughter and I care about her so much, more than I do for myself,” his tender eyes conveying the truth,” I-I can’t not be with her.”

“I’m going to say this one more time, okay, I’m her father and I know what’s best for her. I’ve seen you two and I’ve tried to keep quiet but I’ve had enough. She deserves someone else; someone who she can enjoy her youth with and you’re just taking that away from her.”

“Mr. Lawrence, I love your daughter! And I know she loves me too and I know that she wants this relationship as much as I do, so-“

“She doesn’t know what she wants.”

“And you do?” Bradley snaps. His sudden change in tone and the shift in authority unsettles her father. And suddenly a new found anger riles up within Gary and he breaks.

“I know what’s best for her! You promise me that you stay away from her, if you do care about her and love her as much you say you do, then you’d leave her. I hope you honour this word Bradley. This is the end of this conversation.”

Bradley was silent; his heart beating a thousand beats per minute and a constricting pain in the back of his throat threatened his tears to fall.

Her father raised his eyebrows in anticipation, awaiting an answer.

As much as he didn’t want to say it and as much as it stung for those words to leave his mouth, he painfully uttered, “Yes sir.”


A fresh set of tears rolled down his face at the memory of that moment. He wanted to tell Jennifer, of course he did. But he knew what would happen if he did and he couldn’t bear being the reason for a fractured relationship between her and her father.

After seeing Jennifer finally compose herself, clear up the contents of the floor and calmly walk out of window’s sight. Bradley gathers himself together and just exactly like yesterday, the day before, the day before that and every day for the past 7 months and 3 weeks, he shifts his car into gear and drives off away from Jennifer’s apartment.


Hi! So I don’t know if there are that many bradlifer shippers at this point. Tbh I stopped shipping them for a while especially after my break from tumblr. But after being stuck in a villa on a bloody mountain with no internet whatsoever, I ended up watching Silver Linings Playbook multiple times and I love them all over again. So it helped me write about them. So here’s the first of two oneshots that I managed to write. Tata for now! x

I ship bradlifer like heck! They are just the best! Still waiting for Serenaaaaa!!!

I stopped shipping bradlifer for a while, but having no wifi then watching Silver Linings Playbook over and over again. I just loved them all over again. Serena hurry the fuck up!

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I will on Friday, once I get to the hotel in Bangkok. I can’t bring my laptop around the island I’m at, before I get bloody mugged :/ (I managed to write two oneshots as well xD)

Yes yes yes I am still a bradlifer shipper!

Ooo yay, so the ship is still alive hahaha


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