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Tata for now

It’s only a few months until my exams and I finally got the kick in the backside that I so desperately needed. I need to and am going to put 100% focus on my exams now and I was looking for a way to temporarily deactivate Tumblr but the closest thing to do that is to delete it, but I don’t wanna do that because after exams I’ll definitely get back to it…because where else will I find the latest updates on Mockingjay!!! :D

But for now, you won’t be hearing anything from me and I’m sorry to the people who are hoping for an update on Obscure but it won’t be any time soon. Sorry!


Love Liza xxx

New X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer!

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On the night I feel that thing again, the hunger that overtook me on the beach, I know this would have happened anyway.”

Hi Liza! During my daily checking of your blog, I read one of your post and saw that you have the Ends of the Earth script. I have been searching for it for a while now, since I saw this great critic (on scriptshadow) and I was wondering if you can send it to me too? Here is my email adress: cmp0021@yahoo. fr. Thanks a lot and thanks for all your wonderful writting.

I just sent it to your email! And thanks for checking out my blog ;)

sorry :D do you know any other bradifer fanfic writers?

Oh, there’s jenniferandbradley, bradleynjen, azariascout (she doesn’t ship them anymore but her fanfiction is definitely worth the read) those are the urls I can name right now but there are more

A different kind of hunger.

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The bread. Our one moment of real connection before the Hunger Games.

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do you other bradifer fan fiction writers?

Huh? Do I (what?) other bradlifer fan fiction writers?

I hear my daughter cry. I look up, my body entirely spent my forehead is bathed in sweat and it’s everything I can do not let myself drift off to sleep even though I am so very tired. I won’t let that happen. Not yet. I have to see her. I have to see this new person I’ve felt grow and move inside me for many months. Months that filled me with terror at the reality of bringing a child into this word and the inadequacy I felt towards motherhood.

Peeta wanted our two person family to grow and  I could not deny him anything. Eventually his dream became mine and I wanted it too, even if the thought was still a bit terrifying.

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Anonymous asked ourleaderthemockingjay: is the “she is *spoiler word* you stupid cat” scene in part 2 ?


Yes. She says it more than once in that particular scene. 

ellis-bell asked ourleaderthemockingjay: Please tell us that the relationship between Johanna and Katniss is explored in the script


Of course. Most of Johanna’s scenes are with Katniss. 

egmo asked ourleaderthemockingjay: Will you give us a hit about who is gonna play Tigris?


When you all find out who is playing Tigris, the fandom will go crazy. 


No Oscar for Jen this year but she did get her pizza,finally.